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Floor Tiling in the Gold Coast

Using New Floor Tiling in Your Gold Coast Home to Remake a Space

Floor tiling in the Gold Coast is a popular option for a good reason: it's durable, it helps to keep a home naturally cooler during the hotter months, and there are many visual styles from which to choose. Whether you're interested in replacing existing flooring with tiling or you're overseeing a new build and want tiling to go in on the "ground floor," there are many decisions you must make along the way. A professional resource for insight and installation can help to make those decisions less stressful and much more enjoyable. At Gleeson Tiling & Bathrooms, we're excited for the opportunity to help homeowners and commercial outfits alike take advantage of this material.

What Sets Gleeson Tiling and Bathrooms Apart Regarding Wall Tiling in the Gold Coast

Whether you'd like to install tiling on the floor or the walls, you must be able to choose a trade provider that you can trust with your property. Why should our team be the one who earns that trust? Take a quick look at some of what sets us apart in this field:

  • The depth of our experience in the industry. We've been doing this for more than 25 years. As a result, we don't mind a challenge; we welcome them instead.

  • Our commitment to quality results for every customer, no matter who they are or the size of the job at hand. We always show up with the same passion for good results.

  • Our responsiveness and clear communication with clients. We don't keep you in the dark or keep you waiting. You always know what to expect when we're on the job.

From the first time you call us to the moment we lay the last tile, you can trust that we always have the best interests of your project at heart.

Problems with Kitchen Tiles in the Gold Coast That Gleeson Tiling and Bathrooms Addresses

Do you already have tiling in an area of your home such as the kitchen? Maybe it looks worse for wear these days, or perhaps it has developed some other concerns. With our ability to remove old tile and put down a fresh layer of quality product, we can help homeowners solve common complaints such as:

  • Cracked, damaged, and worn out wall tiling.

  • Poor prior installations. Is your tiling uneven or falling off the wall? We follow best practices as a licensed tiler to ensure a long-lasting finish.

  • Difficulty in cleaning or maintaining tiling installations. Some installations, such as splashbacks with very small tiles, can prove frustrating for homeowners; we can replace these with options that are easier to maintain.

Ask us for a free quote on what it would take to retile your kitchen today.

About Gleeson Tiling and Bathrooms

With nearly three decades of experience in our industry, Gleeson Tiling and Bathrooms represent one of the most experienced locally-owned choices available in the Gold Coast. Friendly and committed to providing only the type of results we'd hope to see in our own homes, our team arrives on time, works clean, and ensures your space is free from dust and debris when we depart. Contact us today to find out more about bringing us in for a job.

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