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Bathroom Tile Installation

Using a New Bathroom Tile Installation to Improve Your Home

When you decide to undertake a new bathroom tile installation project, it’s hard to overstate the value of professional help. Re-tiling a bathroom can be a big project, especially in larger homes, and it's essential to make sure everything is correct. From applying waterproofing to prevent mould and mildew from forming, to aligning each tile just so to create a design that's pleasing to the eye, these tasks require an experienced hand. Where should you turn for help? At Gleeson Tiling & Bathrooms, we provide a complete service to enable you to remake an old and dilapidated bathroom into a private oasis you'll love to look at for years to come. That's not all, though: we're skilled in other areas of the home, such as the kitchen.

Tips Regarding Kitchen Tile Installation

Installing tiles in the kitchen is an increasingly popular option as splashbacks take on more and more of an aesthetic appeal for homeowners. How can you ensure a satisfying outcome for your investment when you want to request a new kitchen tile installation? Here are a few of our tips:

  • Choose tiling that complements the rest of the kitchen. A splashback that clashes with the colours or established design of your space will distract the eye, rather than tying the entire room together into a cohesive vision.

  • Don't neglect the value of experience when selecting an installer to carry out the project you have in mind. Splashbacks experience some challenging conditions, and the correct installation is key to good looks and functionality in the end.

  • Ask for tips on long-term care and maintenance of your new tiling to ensure that you can enjoy it for the longest period possible.

Services Related to Kitchen Tile Installation We Also Provide

With many years of tiling experience, we've encountered and completed almost every type of project. Alongside bathrooms and kitchens, our clients can take advantage of our extensive capabilities in fields that also include:

  • Laundry tiling. Create a clean, inviting space within your laundry by tiling the walls. We can make quick work of these jobs to leave your laundry looking fresh and new.

  • Commercial tiling services. Our complete range of tiling capabilities is at your company's disposal. Whether you're setting up a new office or creating a unique restaurant space, we can help.

  • Outdoor tiling. Are you making a new space for al fresco dining or outdoor cooking? Ask us about installing tiles that can stand up to the Australian elements out of doors.

Why Should You Choose to Use Gleeson Tiling and Bathrooms?

A well-installed and properly maintained tile will continue to provide both form and function for your home for a very long period. In fact, a new installation today might even help you sell your home tomorrow. At Gleeson Tiling and Bathrooms, we're keenly aware of the fact that our work continues to speak for us even long after we finish the job. We put forth 100% effort and seek to satisfy you with the results every time. Fill out our convenient express quote form for more information today.

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